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The 1More iBFree Thể Thao can be found online for Rs. 2,999 The earphones are IPX6 water resistant The treble is harsh but the bass is punchy
1More, a company well known amongst audiophiles for its stellar triple-driver and quad-driver earphones, released its first pair of wireless earphones last year in the khung of the iBFree. Now, the company has added the Sports suffix to lớn the same pair of earphones. The company says that it has bumped up the water resistance rating, upgraded the Bluetooth không dây version from 4.1 to lớn 4.2, and improved sound unique.

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With IPX6 water resistance, a lightweight kiến thiết, and ergonomically shaped earpieces, the 1More iBFree Thể Thao is geared towards people with an active lifestyle. Are these wireless earphones worth a buy? Let"s find out.

1More iBFree Thể Thao kiến thiết và comfort

The 1More iBFree Sport has a neckb& style thiết kế and can withstand jets of water, dunks in a pool, or even heavy rain. The earphones are made predominantly of plastic and are fairly light and comfortable to wear for hours at a time. The aluminium kết thúc caps on each earpiece make the thiết kế distinct.

The fit is very secure và the earphones did not slip out while we were running or jogging, thanks to lớn small silicone hooks that fit into lớn the contours of the wearer"s ears. The box includes three pairs of silicone tips và ear hooks, so finding a tight và comfortable seal should not be a problem for most users.


The earpieces are ergonomically shaped but jut out a fair bit from the wearer"s ears, which made using the iBFree Thể Thao whilst lying on our side quite uncomfortable. There"s a module for the controls & battery in line with the right earpiece which has a Micro-USB port and three plastic buttons: two to change the volume and skip tracks, và one for controlling playbaông xã. These are hard to press and vì not feel very responsive sầu. Above sầu them is a circular power button made out of metal that is of much higher unique.

The module swings about while running or doing any intensive sầu activity và is sure lớn irritate some users. That said, we have seen much heavier modules on other wireless earphones, và casual day-to-day use is not impacted.

1More iBFree Thể Thao sound chất lượng, connectivity, & battery life

1More has updated the earphones lớn Công nghệ Bluetooth 4.2, & they also tư vấn the AAC Bluetooth không dây streaming codec. Most of our kiểm tra tracks were a phối of high-resolution 16-bit/ 44KHz & 24-bit/ 96KHz FLAC files, as well as audio streamed from Google Play Music at 320kpbs.

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1More has vastly improved the bass compared lớn the old iBFree, which was criticized for lacking punch in the lower over. The bass is tight & controlled, & does not overpower the other frequencies. Like most earphones tuned for casual listening, the mids are suppressed, resulting in a fun V-shaped sound signature.


The high end is where things go downhill. The tuning is off balance, và highs sound harsh and sibilant in even moderately treble-heavy tracks such as Oh Loveby Green Day. This is an issue that plagues the standard iBFree as well. On a more positive sầu note, the soundstage is pretty decent for the price và image spacing is excellent.

With the iBFree Thể Thao, 1More has developed its own công nghệ Bluetooth không dây chip và has moved the antenna from the earbuds khổng lồ the control module. The company claims these changes improve connectivity. Sure enough, connectivity was roông chồng solid during our kiểm tra period. We also experienced no issues while on calls.

Whenever you turn on the earphones, a robotic female voice calls out the battery cấp độ (high, medium or low), which is quite useful. Battery life is pretty solid. 1More promises eight hours on a single charge và we were able khổng lồ achieve sầu that with music playing at 70-80 percent volume. A full charge takes around an hour and a half, but a 15-minute charge powers the earphones for around 60 minutes. The included Micro-USB cable is very short, which some might find inconvenient.

VerdictThe MRPhường of Rs. 3,999 is a bit steep but the 1More iBFree Thể Thao can be found online for less than Rs. 3,000. That is a good price, considering that this pair of wireless earphones is comfortable, built well, và IPX6 certified. The punchy bass, above-average soundstage, stable và secure fit, và solid battery life are its main advantages.

The harsh treble can be difficult to live with though, and the buttons are hard to lớn press. Audiophiles will also find the mids a tad too repressed. Those who vì chưng not care about the sport-related design can take a look at the Sony WI-C300, which has a more accurate sound signature and retails for Rs. 2,999. Another option worth considering is the OnePlus Bullets Wireless, which has a detailed mid-range but is not IP-certified, and costs a thous& rupees more.

Price: Rs. 2,999 (MOP)


Comfortable, secure fit Solid battery life Punchy bass, wide soundstage IPX6 water resistance


Repressed mids Harsh treble Mushy buttons

Ratings (out of 5):

Design/ comfort: 3.5 Audio quality: 3.5 Battery life: 4 Value for money: 4.5 Overall: 4