Academy là gì

an organization intended to lớn protect and develop an art, science, language, etc., or a school that teaches a particular subject or trains people for a particular job:

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the part of a football club that trains young players who might one day become part of the first team :
a school in the UK that is not controlled by the local authority and receives its money directly from the central government

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a school that teaches a particular subject or trains people for a particular job, or an organization that supports art, literature, or science:
In 1990, the struggle between the two camps revolved around admission lớn the highly prestigious, autonomous military academies.
The sons of impoverished farmers poured inkhổng lồ the military academies và increasingly turned against corrupt urban politicians.
Throughout the eighteenth & nineteenth centur ies, scientific academies helped support potential adjudications by recording new research results & quảng bá ior ity claims.
They offered fewer subjects than comparable Trắng academies, but provided tuition in washing and ironing, which might prove useful khổng lồ girls for whom domestic service constituted a probable occupation.
A casual look at the academies might give sầu the impression that they were mostly social in nature, that they functioned as a pastime for bored aristocrats và ambitious letterati.
Partly excepted from this crisis were some major national retìm kiếm centres at the national academies of sciences, but the crisis severely damaged regional & local institutions and heritage protection.
Moreover, a close-knit social network exists among muốn graduates of the different military academies, many of whom have taken impor tant posts in the military and elsewhere.
The admissions criteria of these academies have provoked acrimonious debates about secularism and the role of the military in fashioning the country"s political culture và educational policies.

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Is it lớn sit in our academies and insist that we know the truth, we are the experts who can say that it was not so?
What about academies and agricultural societies, banks and bridges, charitable associations và churches?
By about 1750, most scientific academies had established regular contact with one another, exchanging publications and occasionally collaborating on joint scientific projects requiring many scattered observers.
Sponsors of academies are expected to play a key role in the strategic leadership of the schools they support.
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