Adorable là gì

used to lớn describe someone or something that makes you love sầu or like them, usually because they are attractive sầu and often small:

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They are like nothing so much as tchotchkes in a curio cabinet, almost unbelievably adorable matched pairs of knickknacks.
Some tkết thúc to regard them as marine pussycats, adorable animals, which are nice lớn look at và swyên in the sea.
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Some of the laughs are hilarious & sad at the same time, others are both funny and creepy, and still others are xinh đẹp & adorable.
Beamê man felt that otherwise the relationship between the characters was well-developed and frankly adorable.
I saw a normal, charming, adorable child painting the way preschool children paint, except that she had a coach that kept her going.
Their computer animation embraces the retro look and feel of the toys lớn both ingenious và adorable effect.
The two cats bred, producing four kittens born in 1981 that were so adorable that a new breed was born.
Perlita is a simple woman who, although deprived of a beauty appearance, has a kind heart and an adorable character.

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a type of modern music originally developed by African-Americans, with a rhythm in which the svào notes often come before the beat. Jazz is usually improvised (= invented as it is played).

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