EnglishEspañolBahasa IndonesiaTiếng ViệtWhen you get started with a new app like Google Sheets, you want to know all of the tips and tricks that you can use to get the most from it, The faster you learn the spreadsheet tricks, the more efficient you"ll be in that app" /> EnglishEspañolBahasa IndonesiaTiếng ViệtWhen you get started with a new app like Google Sheets, you want to know all of the tips and tricks that you can use to get the most from it, The faster you learn the spreadsheet tricks, the more efficient you"ll be in that app" />

Cách sử dụng google sheet

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When you get started with a new ứng dụng like Google Sheets, you want khổng lồ know all of the tips & tricks that you can use to get the most from it. The faster you learn the spreadsheet tricks, the more efficient you"ll be in that ứng dụng.

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Spreadsheets have plenty of power no matter how you use them. They"re easy lớn get started with, but there"s plenty more power for working with data as you learn more functions và features of your chosen spreadsheet tiện ích.

In this tutorial, we"re going khổng lồ dive sầu into trăng tròn Google Sheets tips that are sure to save sầu you time và help you use spreadsheets in ways that you haven"t thought about before.

Clichồng on the Filter ibé on the toolbar to lớn start filtering data in a table.

8. Use AI to Create Charts and Reports

Sometimes, Google Sheets is smarter than this user. That"s thanks lớn Google"s increasing use of artificial intelligence (AI) khổng lồ automatically create reports & charts. Instead of creating those from scratch, you can simply type plain-English instructions for generating charts and reports.

To use this in your own Google spreadsheets, cliông xã on the Explore button in the lower right corner in Sheets. Then, just look at the built-in options or try typing out a chart you"ve sầu got in mind to generate it easily.

By simply highlighting the data và clicking on "Explore", Sheets has many ideas for important trends in your data.

Make sure lớn kiểm tra out the quiông xã screencast below to lớn see this tip in action:

9. Try Keyboard Shortcuts for Common Tasks

Experts know that one of the most important parts of Google Sheets is learning the secrets for navigating it. I always say that anything that can be done with the mouse can be done more quickly with a keyboard.

Chechồng out the full tutorial below that has some of the best tips và tricks for Google Sheets shortcuts:

10. Convert Excel Files to Sheets

This Google Sheet tip might be perfect if you"re wondering how you can get started with converting your files from Microsoft Excel format. Even if you"re starting with .XLSX spreadsheet files, you can actually convert them lớn Sheets format & start using them right away.

This process is pretty easy và only requires some dragging & dropping. Cheông xã out the quiông chồng tutorial below khổng lồ convert Excel spreadsheets to Sheets:

11. Translate Text Without Any Other Apps

Connecting lớn Google"s Translate service is really easy. In fact, you can translate text right inside of a spreadsheet. Here"s an example of using the GOOGLETRANSLATE function from French lớn English:

=GOOGLETRANSLATE("je ne sais quoi","fr","en")

You can use this instead of copying and pasting the text baông xã and forth from the little box on Google Translate. Just point this function to a cell with typed text instead.

12. Use Macros khổng lồ Take on Repetitive Tasks

macro captures repeated tasks và makes it easy lớn repeat them. If you do the same steps over & over, you"ve got to lớn try this feature out. 

To get started, go up to the Tools menu & choose Macros > Record Macro. Then, go through the steps that you"ll want khổng lồ repeat later và save sầu it. 

Whether that"s applying formatting or rearranging columns in the same way each time, this option is really helpful khổng lồ save time. Just play bachồng the macro from this Tools menu to lớn repeat the task.

Use the Tools > Macros thực đơn to record and run macros in your spreadsheet.

13. Invite Collaborators lớn Your Spreadsheet

You can add others to work on your spreadsheet with just a few clicks. This includes some really impressive features like actually watching others work in the spreadsheet in real-time.

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To get started, just click on the Share button in the upper right corner of the Sheets app. Then, use the rest of this tutorial to make sure that you control who accesses the spreadsheet carefully:

14. Print Your Spreadsheets Easily 

Spreadsheets don"t always live exclusively onscreen. Sometimes, you"ll want to lớn print a finished spreadsheet lớn hvà off for Review and analysis. 

Spreadsheets are also notoriously hard to print. Because you"ve got a basically limitless canvas of rows và columns, it sometimes takes work khổng lồ print them on a page that"s limited in kích thước.

Cheông chồng out the guide below lớn make sure that you print your spreadsheets correctly the first time:

15. Clone Formatting Easily in Two Clicks

The best Google Sheets tips are the ones that save you serious time. That"s why I use the Format Painter khổng lồ take cells that are already formatted and paint those same styles into other cells.

Start off by highlighting the cells that you want to lớn copy the format from. Then, cliông chồng on the format painter & simply drag over the cells that you want khổng lồ apply the formatting lớn.

Highlight the cells you want lớn copy the format from, then cliông xã on the format painter and drag over the cells khổng lồ format.

16. Use Pivots lớn Analyze Data Easily

If you"re a power user of Microsoft Excel, this Google Sheets tip is really going lớn help you make the switch. I love Pivot Tables for their ability to take a big table of data & help you find meaning in them. Basically, think of pivots as a drag và drop tool khổng lồ build a report.

Pivots take some time lớn learn and get started with, so make sure to walk through the guide below to find meaning in even the largest datasets:

17. Clean Up Data with Formatting

Formatting brings meaning to data. The larger the spreadsheet, the more that it"ll benefit from some formatting that"ll make it easier lớn read. Using features like alignment, borders, and phông styles will help your audience find meaning simply by scanning the spreadsheet visually.

One of my favorite resources for learning formatting is Sheets is linked below, và I"d highly recommend checking it out. You"ll learn to not only use the technical tools và features to lớn format Google spreadsheets, but also how they should be used khổng lồ bring meaning lớn your data.

18. Get Input From a Form Into Sheets

A spreadsheet is a great way khổng lồ capture và structure data, but it can take time lớn add data khổng lồ it. It"s better if you can use a tool lượt thích a size lớn get data from others in a structured format.

Luckily, Google has a form builder that automatically takes đầu vào và puts it inlớn a spreadsheet. Any response you receive sầu will be added khổng lồ your Google Sheet.

Walk through this process using the tutorial below:

19. Grab Up-to-Date Financial Data

Here"s a Google Sheets tip that I find saves me many hours of manually downloading và typing data. If you"re tracking stock và financial market data, using the built-in GOOGLEFINANCE function fetches up-to-date data from Google"s hub.

Here"s an example of using the function to grab Amazon"s stoông xã price from February 7th:


Also, be sure khổng lồ check out the complete guide lớn this function for all of the tips và tricks for Google Sheets và Google Finance working together:

đôi mươi. Protect Entire Spreadsheets from Edits

Not only can you protect specific cells or ranges, you can add protection khổng lồ entire tabs in the spreadsheet. This is a great idea if you"ve got a single sheet of inputs or variables that you don"t want the public lớn change. Consider using this tip when you"re sharing your spreadsheet.

Remember khổng lồ check out the tutorial I shared above in this post on Sheets protection, skipping straight ahead khổng lồ the information on protecting entire sheets.

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Recap và Keep Learning

I"ve sầu linked to plenty of other learning resources in this tutorial, but there"s still plenty more khổng lồ learn about Google"s cloud-based spreadsheet tool. If you need something more basic or foundational lớn get started, consider checking out any of the following tutorials:

What are your favorite tips & tricks for Google Sheets? Is it one that I mentioned, or did I miss something that you use often? Let me know with a phản hồi below this tutorial.

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