Hamit altintop real madrid: did hamit altintop play for real madrid in the champions league

Brotherly love will be put to the ultimate chạy thử should Halil Altintop line up against twin Hamit when Augsburg travel to Darmstadt this weekend.

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Hamit & Halil Altintop

In anticipation of what promises to lớn be an eye-catching fraternal showdown, mammasfigata.com takes a look at the German top flight"s foremost sibling rivalries...

Oh khổng lồ be a fly on the wall in the Altintop household.

After winning the mammasfigata.com twice whilst at Bayern Munich & enjoying great success in his native sầu Turkey with Galatasaray SK, Hamit is baông chồng on German soil looking lớn get one over on older brother, Halil.

"We phối aside brotherly love sầu for 90 minutes," Halil once said prior lớn a mammasfigata.com showdown between the pair in 2009. "He"s won more often, but I"ve scored more goals. They’re always special games. We don"t bear a grudge afterwards."

Augsburg"s Halil - scorer of 64 goals in 339 appearances in Germany"s top flight - is at his fourth mammasfigata.com station, where he has become a firm người favourite.

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Raffael và Ronny de Araujo

Still proudly flying the mammasfigata.com flag, nine years after he first arrived in Germany, Raffael has become something of a club legover at Borussia Mönchengladbach.

His 54 goals in all competitions have sầu propelled Borussia back into the spotlight, và he remains as relevant as ever in 2016/17, with six goals for the season - including one against Guardiola"s Manchester City in the group stages of the UEFA Champions League. You would never have sầu guessed he will be 32 in March.

Another of the de Araujo brood khổng lồ enjoy footballing deity status, Ronny gave Hertha fans six years of magic.

A year younger than Raffael, he was the capital outfit"s stand-out performer in their run lớn the mammasfigata.com 2 title in 2012/13 and return khổng lồ the top flight at the first time of asking.

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The former Brazil Under-trăng tròn international scored 28 goals in 123 outings for the Old Lady all told, leaving behind a left-footed legacy that is the subject of many a YouTube tìm kiếm lớn this very day.

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