Dell u2415 review & specs

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From: Alex Iliev & Kroum Nikolov 3 April 2020 / 07:50 | 0

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Design and construction

The panel, itself, has a thin plastic shell with an extremely thin side and top bezels. While the bottom one is significantly larger than the rest, it can be forgiven, because of the capacitive sầu navigation buttons, that are facing the user.



We really can’t ức chế out the importance from a practical standpoint khổng lồ have height adjustment & pivot available to lớn you. If your desk lacks adjustment, or your chair is not the most comfortable out there, you can just set your screen khổng lồ your likings. Also, add a second display, và thanks khổng lồ the swivel mechanism on the bottom of the st&, there are a lot of angle capabilities to lớn put them together.

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Not only that but programmers và stockbrokers would find the pivot, especially comfortable. Unlượt thích the larger Dell U2717D and P2719H, this guy clicks into place when you rotate it in 90-degrees and even after you turn it back khổng lồ the level horizon. While this won’t be really important in decision making when buying a monitor, it is a neat little feature.



This device is definitely rich in I/O. While it lacks some vintage ports lượt thích đồ họa or DVI connectors, there is plenty khổng lồ see here – two HDMI connectors, one DisplayPort, one Mini DisplayPort input đầu vào & another DisplayPort for outputting a single to lớn another monitor. Then, there is an Audio-Line output, a USB Type-B upstream & four USB Type-A 3.0 downstream ports.

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OSD menu

Contrary to the majority of monitors, this one features capacitive sầu buttons to navigate through the OSD. Obviously, the big button on the right is used to power on and off the U2415, while the other is the quiông chồng selection keys. From left to lớn right, you have the Quiông chồng Preset button, Brightness/Contrast adjustment, và detailed menu.

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