Digistar review 2021

DIGISTAR has found a way lớn stand out in the Vietnamese hosting space by offering a special cloud WordPress hosting solution to SMEs. It is this approach that has helped this hosting firm attain a significant market share in Vietphái nam, becoming one of the top 20 website hosting companies in the country.

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DIGISTAR is a Vietnam-based hosting company that was founded by a group of brothers in 2009. Over a decade later, the hosting vendor has grown to lớn become one of the leading hosting companies in Vietphái nam with a market giới thiệu of 0.39%. It focuses on cloud WordPress hosting solutions but also offers shared hosting, SEO hosting, Windows hosting, & reseller hosting services to small và medium-sized businesses across Vietnam. The DIGISTAR trang web is available only in Vietnamese.

Features and Ease of Use

DIGISTAR hosting solutions come with an array of features, including these standard ones:

Unlimited bandwidthcPanel và DirectAdmin control panelsCloudLinux operating systemParallelsFree DDoSOnline Data Services JSCOnApp IaaS platformOpenE IP. based hosting management softwareSSD & regular I/O allocations

DIGISTAR has designed its cloud WordPress hosting solution lớn meet even the most demanding CMS requirements in terms of compatibility & ease of use. This makes the solution quite appealing lớn business enterprises, particularly those with E-commerce websites as well as those with websites that have sầu an above-average demvà for high security & tốc độ.

DIGISTAR offers a number of cloud hệ thống solutions through its IaaS, SaaS, & PaaS services. These solutions are based on the Parallels platform that ensures that its clients’ websites experience near-zero downtime as a result of damages khổng lồ the hosting hardware or problems with storage scaling.

The vendor’s Cloud VPS solution also includes a backup system, but the hosting firm doesn’t say much else about its backup solutions. All the same, users can vì their own backups from the vendor’s control panel using the Backup Manager.

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DIGISTAR is also big on reseller hosting & dedicates acres of space on its trang web selling these solutions lớn people aspiring to enter into lớn this space as hosting providers.

Pricing & Support

DIGISTAR hosting solutions are extremely cheap, even though the billing cycles are somewhat inflexible; the shordemo amount of time you can purchase its Personal Hosting package, for instance, is one year. You can also choose to subscribe to biennial và triennial payment plans. All prices on this vendor’s website are listed in Vietnamese dong.

DIGISTAR appears lớn not have a money-baông xã guarantee for its hosting solutions but offers a 30-day money-baông chồng guarantee for its advanced SSL certificates và a 90-day không tính tiền trial for its basic ones. The vendor provides a 99.99% uptime guarantee.


You can tương tác this vendor via its live chat, telephone, ticketing system, or email. The hosting firm’s tư vấn team is available 24/7 all year round. I unsuccessfully tried contacting this tư vấn team via its live sầu chat, so I decided to skết thúc them a query via their sales tin nhắn. Unfortunately, my query also remained unanswered.

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The DIGISTAR website includes a comprehensive knowledge base available in both Vietnamese and English.

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