Fujifilm x70 review: digital photography review

Every so often a camera comes along that is, for the most part, overlooked by even the most hardcore of fans.

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This can be caused by any number of things – like the timing of the release versus other products, or even the efforts of the brvà lớn effectively market this camera to lớn the correct audience.

One such camera khổng lồ have fallen victlặng to lớn this fate is the Fujifilm X70.


Fujifilm X70

Small, solid, inconspicuous compact camera with excellent image chất lượng.

Announced and released at the beginning of năm nhâm thìn, the X70 had its work cut out for it. As it turns out, this was the same time that the Fujifilm flagship camera, the Fujifilm X-Pro2 was also released.

All the truyền thông media hype & attention were placed on the bigger & better X-Pro 2. The Fujifilm X70 was initially marketedas a premium compact point & shoot camera for everyday carry and use.

It was not targeted at the audience it would later become popular with: street photographers.

Packing an impressive sầu mix of specs, the X70 became a fantastic choice for street photographers. Competing with the likes of the Ricoh GR2, it became known as a fantastic stealth-lượt thích camera with fantastic image chất lượng và capabilities.

I can vouch for this as I use my Fujifilm X70 as my primary street photography camera. Let’s dive right in to lớn the review…

Table of Contents

Fujifilm X70 | Specs

Pros Sturdy & rugged build. Very compact yet feature-packed Excellent image quality Igiảm giá khuyến mãi for street photography but equally employable in a broad range of styles Customisable depending on your shooting and aesthetic style
Cons Low light autofocus can be a bit hit và miss Fujifilm discontinued this camera without a fair fight Expensive but high-chất lượng accessories
16.3-megapx X-Trans CMOS II sensor Fixed Fujifilm 18.5mm (35milimet format equivalent 28mm) F/2.8 lens A minimal focal distance of 9.9centimet (3.9″) 3″ LCD articulating touch screen with 1.4 million pixel resolution 8 frames per second continuous shooting Built-in flash Full HD 1920 x 1080 60p movie recording Digital teleconverter 28milimet, 35milimet, 50milimet (35mm format equivalent) Dimensions 112.5milimet (W) x 64.4mm (H) x 44.4mm (D) / 4.43in. (W) x 2.54in. (H) x 1.75in. (D) Weight 340gm (12oz) including battery and SD thẻ
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Build & Appearance


The Fujifilm X70 is small but solid và feels comfortable in your hvà.

The Fujifilm X70 has an incredibly robust and solid build. The entire body toàn thân, including the lens cap is made of metal & will take a very serious knoông xã.

Despite it only being 340gm it has a heft to it that makes you feel comfortable with it in your h&. It doesn’t feel at all lượt thích a toy camera but more like a premium Fujifilm camera body toàn thân.

The kiến thiết and aesthetic of the X70 is fantastic & sits familiarly amongst all other Fujifilm X Series cameras. Despite the laông chồng of an EVF/OVF, it has a similar look to the Fujifilm X100 series. And just lượt thích that series, the X70 is available in all black or a black/silver version.

This fun compact camera has a seriously small profile, making it a discreet offering for street photographers.

Personally, I handhold this camera with a wrist strap or no strap at all. The Fujifilm X70 is a truly pocketable camera as I can drop it into a jacket pocket or even the baông chồng pocket of my jeans.

Given that it does not have sầu an EVF/OVF, the rear screen is all-important for framing and composing your shot.

The rear 3″ LCD is bright and offers 1.4 million px resolution with a customisable view of how much shooting detail you want khổng lồ be displayed.

Further to lớn this, the screen is fully touch-enabled, & this was probably one of the first Fujifilm X Series cameras to feature this.

The screen on the Fujifilm X-70 is articulating & can flip up 180 degrees, making it perfect for taking selfies or even for vlogging.

This screen is also perfect for shooting discretely from the hip in a street photography setting. It also tilts down around 45 degrees making it perfect when you are holding the camera high above sầu your head and need to look up at the screen lớn compose your shot.

Ergonomics và Handling


The X70 weighs very little and is easy to lớn carry.

Given just how small the Fujifilm X70 is, and how big my hands are, I still find it incredibly comfortable to shoot with.

Granted, the camera weighs very little so there is very little muscle strain involved in shooting with or even just carrying this camera.

Furthermore, I am not using the Fujifilm X70 lớn shoot an eight-hour sự kiện such as a wedding.

The X70 is a feature-packed Fujifilm X Series camera. There is a full range of adjustable and customisable buttons that provide you with full manual control.

All control dials and buttons have sầu been logically placed and sized to fit the camera without compromising access or usability.

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On the rear of the Fujifilm X70, there is the usual customisable D-pad. Directly above the D-pad, there is a small space for your thumb khổng lồ rest with a small rubber pad & nub for greater grip.

Whilst this seems ineffective sầu at first, combined with the raised rubber grip on the front of the camera, a good grip can be attained.

The protệp tin of the fixed 18mm F/2.8 lens is around 12mm. Being a true Fujifilm lens, they have sầu managed khổng lồ squeeze both an aperture dial và a manual focus ring onlớn this space.

The aperture dial has two raised metal tabs that are ridged và allow for your thumb & forefinger lớn better purchase and control the aperture.

On the X70, the manual focus ring can, of course, be used for manual focus. It is also completely customisable and via the touch of a discreet button on the side of the camera, you can quickly change just what that ring controls.

For me, I set it to lớn control my ISO so that I have fully automatic control of ISO, aperture via the aperture ring & of course shutter tốc độ via the dedicated dial on the tip of the camera.

The thực đơn for the Fujifilm X70 will be instantly recognisable và usable for anyone who has ever used a Fujifilm X Series camera.

Or, for those new to lớn the system, the menu is incredibly easy to follow & has a logical progression of functions.

Focus Performance


Fujifilm X70 1/1000 at f/5.6 ISO 250

As a street shooter, I rely on my camera to be responsive sầu và have sầu fast autofocus to lớn capture my desired composition. Otherwise, that scene & subject will never be in alignment and the shot is lost.

Fortunately, the Fujifilm X70 has fast and responsive sầu autofocus.

With the mechanical shutter, it can shoot at a shutter speed of 1/4000.

The camera also features Single Point, Zone & Wide/Tracking autofocus modes and a decent Face & Eye Tracking feature. Further lớn this, the autofocus area can be adjusted depending on the shooting conditions.

In good light, autofocus is fast & has no trouble highlighting và capturing a subject.

I have used this camera for street, shooting family pets and even children’s birthday parties and I have rarely had an issue with the autofocus hunting for my subject.

Keep in mind that this camera has the same processor & sensor as the then-flagship Fujifilm X-T1 camera.

In low light, however, the Fujifilm X70 is not as responsive sầu or capable of hitting sharp focus every time.

There is an obvious amount of focus hunting going on especially in really low light settings. Whilst there is a built-in flash, as well as a flash hot-shoe, I personally opt to not use these features with this little camera.


Fujifilm X70 1/1000 at f/4.5 ISO 400

Low Light Performance


Fujifilm X70 1/160 at f/5 ISO 2500

As mentioned earlier, the Fujifilm X70 struggles with autofocus in low light. It tends lớn hunt a little before it grabs your subject.

I have sầu found this more so in dark street scenes where there is very little light khổng lồ be found anywhere.

The overall performance of the Fujifilm X70 in low light is incredibly capable, especially wide open at F/2.8 và with a slower shutter tốc độ to lớn allow more light khổng lồ hit the sensor.

The X70 performs well even in a higher ISO range with a smaller aperture like F/8. I found overall noise at higher ISO khổng lồ be completely manageable in post-production.

This is one of the great things about Fujifilm RAW files where even a dark image is recoverable.

Image Quality


Fujifilm X70 1/125 at f/5.6 ISO 250

I personally love sầu the image chất lượng that is produced by the Fujifilm X70.

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The camera allows for your images lớn be saved in JPEG, RAW or JPEG + RAW. Fujifilm JPEG files are widely known to lớn be of incredible quality with exceptional image rendering and colour.

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