Key Specifications

Review Price: £129.005-inch displayOcta-core processor2GB RAM16GB storagemicroSD2,750 mAh battery
Lenovo K5 hands-on: Can the Chinese brvà make it big in the crowded UK phone market?

Lenovo is a huge name in the world of tech. Yet, in the west at least, it hasn’t made a dent in the phone market. But that might all be about khổng lồ change.

Even though it now owns the Moto brvà & has just launched the Moto G4 & Mokhổng lồ G4 Plus, Lenovo is looking lớn get its own brand name out there a bit. The K5, a very affordable £129.99 offering, is coming to the UK and while it won’t make you drop your Samsung Galaxy S7 và run out to buy one, it has some potential.

4 things you need to lớn know about Lenovo’s K5


1. A decent spec danh sách, considering the price

The Lenovo K5 costs £129, which seems reasonable when you see the decent spec danh mục. There’s an octa-core processor, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage with microSD expansion and tư vấn for dual SIMs. The last point is interesting, as dual-SIM devices are still a rarity in the UK, yet they’re really handy for travelling & work. It’s also got a 5-inch, 720p display that’s sharp và bright.

While hardly flagship cấp độ, that selection of components makes for a smooth experience. I confess I only used for the phone for a short period of time, but apps opened up quickly and lag was nowhere lớn be seen. I’ll be interested to see how well it copes with games, & continuous use.

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There’s also a 13MPhường camera on the baông xã và 5MP. selfie cam around the front. Neither seemed particularly stand-out from my initial look, but I’ll delve sầu deeper in my full Đánh Giá.


2. The design is simple, yet sleek

I wasn’t completely blown away by the slightly large, plasticky look of the Mokhổng lồ G4 and in some ways the Lenovo is actually a better-looking device.

Picking it up it feels metallic và cool, but it’s really only got a thin layer of metal covering an otherwise plastic baông chồng. It’s not in the same league as, say the Điện thoại HTC 10 or iPhone SE, but the silver finish is nice enough. The bachồng is removable too, giving you access khổng lồ the replaceable 2,750mAh battery, Micro SIM slots và expandable storage.

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The front is simple too, with just some glowing capacitive sầu keys under the display. All in all it’s a phone that looks better than its price tag suggests.


3. The audio comes courtesy of Dolby Atmos

Dolby Atmos is a fantastic tech that produces deeply immersive sound, normally in cinemas or through a dedicated AV setup at trang chủ. Lenovo says it’s built this into the K5, và it should produce some good-sounding audio. I’m a little unsure about how it will really perkhung – I didn’t get the chance to lớn thử nghiệm it – considering it’s a rear-facing speaker.

It’s an interesting idea, though, và I’m all for better-sounding audio coming from a phone.


4. Not a phone for lovers of stochồng Android

Moto lớn phones have sầu always been applauded for their use of a near-stoông xã version of Android. No ugly skins, no huge number of useless apps, just Android as Google intended.

It doesn’t seem lượt thích Lenovo is taking a similar approach with the K5. It’s a heavily skinned phone, a bit like Huawei’s P9, that ditches the tiện ích drawer completely for a more iOS look. Icons are almost universally different & there’s a bunch a duplicate apps. It’s quite a cartoonish UI, which isn’t to my tastes.

First Impressions

The Lenovo K5 isn’t really a phone lớn get excited about, but it’s a solid lower-end device that I’m sure will get the job done. I’d recommend saving up a bit more cash and plumping for the Molớn G, but that’s not taking anything away from the K5.

It’s more important as a signal of intent from Lenovo which has, until now, had little presence in the UK phone market. Will this lead khổng lồ a more high-powered device? I’d like to lớn think so.