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No matter if university, company or office – presentations rise & fall with their vivađô thị and their ability khổng lồ captivate the audience. There is the possibility to lớn control presentations from afar so that the speaker can move untied from the bonds of công nghệ. We"ve checked how well this works with Logitech"s R400.

The PowerPoint presentation. Usually a boring slide show that counts to lớn one of the most feared things of meetings in many companies and which lulls their employees into a sound sleep one after the other. One reason is that the possibilities that are actually available are hardly ever exploited. For another, the presenter is statically bond lớn the PC. Gestures & facial expressions aren"t properly conveyed and the dynamic exploitation of the "stage" is almost impossible.

A possibility khổng lồ enliven the presentation a bit is khổng lồ operate freely in front of the audience. This way, single participants can be addressed directly, or the one or other could perhaps be saved from falling asleep by the topic. The Wireless Presenter R400 from Logitech is located in the 30 lỗi range & doesn"t have sầu as many features in comparison lớn the other more expensive R800. In opposition to lớn the R800, it has a lower range (15m vs. 30m) & doesn"t have a status indicator. Otherwise, the basic functions are equal.

High chất lượng batteries và pouch are included in scope of delivery

The device made of plastic weighs 55 g, including two triple A batteries but without the USB stiông chồng. It"s pleasant lớn hold. The receiver can be stowed in the presenter and is thus perfectly stored for transportation in the included pouch. All buttons are easily reached with the thumb, with exception of the on/off button, and it consequently allows a smooth operating. You have lớn be a bit careful when pushing the presenter inlớn the tight fitting case because the button can occasionally slide into the baông xã position accidentally and thus remains activated. The battery charge status is roughly displayed on the upper side.

Remote station plugged inkhổng lồ the notebook

The little presenter (approx. 110x40x30mm) has the interface buttons: baông chồng and forth, start presentation & blaông xã screen. To what extent all characteristics are supported by the used software can vary. We tested it with OpenOffice, MS PowerPoint and a few slide shows. As Logitech states on the instruction leaflet, the blaông xã screen doesn"t work with all applications. However, there weren"t any restrictions in OpenOffice Impress or PowerPoint.

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There are also no problems with the first use. Drivers or software aren"t needed for operation. The stichồng is inserted inlớn a không lấy phí USB port, the presenter is turned on và you can start. The connection is made via the usual 2.4 GHz radio link for wireless đầu vào devices. We achieved the stated range of 15m without difficulty. Commands were still accepted from about 12 m distance, even without eye contact khổng lồ the receiver. In fact, the red laser pointer has an even larger range, but merely the stated 15m are required for the intended purpose.


Logitech"s Presenter R400 does exactly what you expect. Presentations, screen films and slide shows can be remote controlled và details can be underlined with the laser pointer. It"s comfortable to hold, the range is good, the control functions are accessible without having to wrench the operating finger and the manufacturing chất lượng makes a good impression.

Merely the unfavorably và smooth running on / off button is a drawback in connection with the case. It can quickly be the reason for a needless battery discharge. If you consider this, you get a solid presenter that opens a possibility of designing interesting and dynamic presentations in terms of hardware.