Đánh giá tai nghe sony mdr zx100 tầm trung, chất âm tốt

This is a review of Sony MDRZX110 lớn figure out if a US $9.99 headphone on Amazon including Prime shipping has good performance. There are over 45,000 đánh giá on Amazon averaging 4.5 stars saying it has that. But let"s find out!I must say, as cheaply as the Sony is made, it doesn"t look lượt thích kids toys as some vì in this price range:

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Due lớn very low eight (about 4 ounces) và rather soft pads, I found the MDR-ZX110 quite comfortable to wear. After just a few minutes you forget about it. It is certainly more comfortable than much larger headphones. There is a bit of sound isolation which was enough to get rid some of the high-pitch whine from my PC"s tín đồ. This obviously will different depending on your ears.Naturally this is an on-ear tai nghe which should make it "fun" khổng lồ measure.Note 1: The measurements you are about to lớn see are preformed using standardized GRAS 45CA tai nghe measurement fixture. Headphone measurements require more interpretation than speaker tests và have more of a requirement for subjective testing as a result. In addition, comparison of measurements between different people doing it using different configurations requires fair bit of skill. So don"t look for matching results. Focus on high cấp độ picture.lưu ý 2: I worked for Sony bachồng in 1990s for good number of years. So while I like lớn see them vì chưng well in these nhận xét, I have sầu no attachment to the company or its products.Sony MDR-ZX110 MeasurementsThe flexible artificial ear on my Gras fixture was a big help in getting something cthua trận to lớn how a human would wear it, compressing under the load. Even with that help, I was getting measurements of each cup that was 4 to 5 dB different from each other & skewed in time (different path length lớn the microphone). I played around for a good while và right before giving up, I landed on one placement where both channels locked on top of each other. Figuring this was a good omen, I ran with it:

Distortion graph looks simultaneously excellent and horrible depending on which part of the frequency range you look at:

I don"t know how much to lớn trust the low frequency distortions but above sầu 500 Hz, the response is actually excellent at 94 dBSPL and even 104 dBSPL, beating even state of the art speakers in this regard! Compare this to lớn our recently reviewed, $3000 Abyss Diana V2:
See how much more distortion Diamãng cầu V2 has in mid frequencies where our hearing is most sensitive? This $9 headphone runs circles around it there.Let"s look at the distortion using absolute màn chơi (rather than percentage above):

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Other than a blip or two, the MDR-ZX110 easily beats our 40 dB threshold for distortion.Group delay is more or less clean which somewhat explains why distortion is so low in mid khổng lồ high frequencies:
However, the impedance is low which means you need a tai nghe amplifier that does well in my 33 ohm measurements:
This is probably easier had on portable devices than headphones needing voltage.Sony MDR-ZX110 Headphone Listening Tests và Optimization
My quiông chồng listen resulted in impression of somewhat muffled sound và slight over-presence of upper bass. Both of these are reflected in the frequency response. The main area of output is in 100 khổng lồ 400 Hz so that dominates. Result is inoffensive sầu sound but we can bởi vì so much better with EQ:
I went conservative sầu with sub-bass enhancement as even with this amount, any traông chồng with that kind of nội dung produced distorted notes. Without it, the distortion was not very audible but then again the notes where not that present either. In vast amount of music however, this bass enhancement was needed to lớn balance the overall spectrum & benefits far outweighed the negatives.The three other peaking filters were as the frequency response instructed (eyeballed by me và optimized by ear). I must say, I was not prepared for the transformation that these four filters made. The result was an extremely accurate và audiophile headphone!
If I performed a blind thử nghiệm, I am pretty sure many people would think this is a high-over tai nghe. It certainly beats out majority of speakers out there. I was most impressed with detail, clarity and spatial effects. The latter was also a surprise. Maybe the drivers sit an angle and provide for better results there. While you don"t have sầu a huge soundstage, the instrument separation is quite good và satisfying.This thing sounded so good & was so comfortable that I kept listening lớn it last night & still doing it this morning! Here are a couple of example tracks that make your jaw drop with this tai nghe and EQ: Mercedes Sosa - Misa Criolla (track: Kyrie)
Mercedes" voice soars in this album. After a slow start the choir and instruments kiông xã in and the result is a fantastic experience making you forget you are listening to lớn a dirt cheap headphone. Even the deep bass is reproduced excellently at around 3:20. FYI the real trachồng sounds better than this youtube version.Deen Peer"s Mars traông chồng sounds good on just about any system but there, I love sầu the balance and clarity:
When I picked up this headphone randomly lớn thử nghiệm last night, I did not have high hopes for it at all. Cheap price & cheap feeling headphone. Can"t be a good combination. Without equalization, it may be better than other junk headphones but otherwise, nothing I would use or recommkết thúc. But EQ this headphone và it produces reference quality sound! Yes, I know there will be riots in streets over this statement. But try it: it costs the same as a fast food meal.What"s that? You don"t use EQ? Well, I don"t want khổng lồ hear. Actually, I don"t even want khổng lồ know you! You are wasting away your audiophile life without it. For zero cost you can transkhung a $9 headphone lớn a reference unique reproduction engine & you still don"t want khổng lồ go there? If so, I have nothing for you! If you are not into headphones but want to lớn know what the fuss is about for no money, buy this $9 headphone và put in my EQ. If you don"t fall off your chair with excitement and get your pants wet with drool, I will come over và cancel out your audiophile credentials myself!Needless khổng lồ say, I highly recommend the Sony MDR-ZX110 tai nghe. Without EQ, it is acceptable but nothing I would rave about.------------As always, questions, comments, recommendations, etc. are welcome.Appreciate any donations using: https://www.audiosciencenhận xét.com/forum/index.php?threads/how-to-support-audio-science-review.8150/
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