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Big, bassy and beautiful, but its tonal balance won’t be for everyoneTested at £130

ByWhat Hi-Fi?11 June 2014


If you’re an audio purist, you might want to lớn look away now. If you like your music big & bassy, the Sony SRS-X3 could be the portable speaker for you.

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Sony SRS-X3

Sony’s SRS-X3 flaunts more bassy punch than most speakers of its kích thước should be allowed to lớn, but the difference is that it does so with aplomb.

The SRS-X3 handles even the deepest basslines well.

Connectivity is via the slightly outdated công nghệ Bluetooth không dây 2.1, but there is near-field communication (NFC) on board for quicker, easier pairing with compatible devices.

Sony SRS-X3

Play Drake’s Worst Behaviour & the weighty low-end cuts through the set with satisfying impact, sounding warm and controlled. It’s impressive, if not sonically pure.

Switch to lớn something heavier, & the brooding bass guitar in Staind’s Fade is delivered with depth và confidence. There’s real scale lớn the presentation too.

This is partly due lớn the two passive sầu radiators inside the SRS-X3; one at the front và one at the bachồng – most competitors have sầu only one – which tư vấn two full-range drivers, driven by a 10W amplifier.

Sony’s ‘Sound Mode’ also bucks the trover by offering EQ settings & does a good job at widening the soundstage further still, introducing some space khổng lồ the presentation.


Sony SRS-X3

The SRS-X3’s bassy punch does come with flaws: the weight of the low over means the midrange takes a back seat, and vocals feel lost during bassy sections, causing a slight lack of clarity.

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Many of the SRS-X3’s weaknesses are balanced out when outdoors.

The weight in the bass gives it power & punch without overpowering the rest of the frequency range.

It sounds very impressive sầu, dealing with acoustic music as well as synth-heavy dance tracks, và creating a smooth, well-rounded presentation.

You could listen for hours on over. It goes loud too, và does a reasonable job at keeping things in control.

We would recommkết thúc not maxing out the volume if you want your music lớn stay distortion-không lấy phí, however.

Its seven-hour quoted battery life is about average for these speakers, particularly with its power.

In terms of portability, you will be able khổng lồ carry it around, and it’s well made to lớn boot. What you sacrifice in bag real estate you will certainly earn baông chồng in performance.

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The Sony SRS-X3 is a hugely confident performer that certainly deserves consideration when buying any hàng hóa of this type.

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