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Platkhung Win, Mac
Advertiser Sega
Developer The Creative Assembly
Release Date Feb 17, 2015

This was me, yelling at my PC screen at the over of a Total War: Attila battle that, as you may be able khổng lồ tell, hadn"t gone well. At a crucial point in a massive battle, my infantry had lost its nerve sầu & turned tail. My archers were exposed. My cavalry was, regrettably, already spent. I was doomed & pretty ticked off.

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This is the core of Total War: Attila, which delivers a very real emotional attachment lớn unfolding & fast-moving top-down battles between a dozen-or-so formations of military units. I had lined up spearmen, archers, lancers và axemen against a fairly evenly matched foe. We had gone toe-to-toe and I"d been out-thought & out-fought by the AI.

The Total War series is 15 years old, a venerable age for a still-experimental franchise that seeks to merge real-time and turn-based strategy gaming.

In 2013, developer Creative sầu Assembly launched Total War: Rome 2, a major revamp that, unfortunately, came with significant technical issues and took a while khổng lồ fix. The game has been tweaked in the intervening years and those improvements have helped shape Total War: Attila, which offers narrative sầu & visual upgrades along with additional systemic annexes at the margins.

Total War: Attila is a safe và steady entry that seeks to complete the Rome trilogy with a focusing on the fall of that empire. With it, Creative Assembly has captured the thrill of real-time battles, while piling on a cumbersome, but still convincingly wrought overworld of late Roman political intrigue và economics.

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Wrap Up: Attila is a satisfying simulation of a world in chaos

Another battle sticks in the mind. I was outnumbered two-to-one. I used terrain to find distance and tire my opponent. My horses whittled away at the enemy, teasing units away from the horde and cutting them down, while my infantry stood firm on a wooded hilltop, archers raining arrows down on enemies.

Sheer numbers demanded that my units fell one by one. A lone squadron of archers was all that was left. I waited for defeat.

Those archers, nurtured over many game turns, fought until the kết thúc. The enemy"s last squadrons, exhausted, dropped arms và retreated. It was miraculous and beautiful. I shouted for joy. "You beauties. You gorgeous, lovely, wonderful little beauties."

Total War: Attila is challenging, complex và often frustrating but it"s also a satisfying simulation of life in a world of unfolding chaos & constant violence.

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