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Hailed as the last good version of Windows by many, Windows 7 is now officially retired. Zorin OS’s creators know this leaves a massive chunk of users with a choice between two equally uncomfortable solutions: upgrade lớn Windows 10 or jump ship to lớn Linux. This is primarily the user group Zorin OS targets and, to Microsoft’s chagrin and as we’ll see, probably the better choice.

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Installation and First Contact

Zorin OS is at least as easy, if not more so, as the easiest-to-install Linux distribution available today. Its installation is almost identical to Ubuntu’s.

Odysseas Kourafalos

OK"s real life started at around 10, when he got his first computer - a Commodore 128. Since then, he"s been melting keycaps by typing 24/7, trying lớn spread The Word Of Tech to anyone interested enough lớn listen. Or, rather, read.

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Jan đôi mươi, 2020 at 10:41 am

What’s not to lớn like?! Read Robert Rijkhoff, DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 849, 20 January 2020:

“Clicking any of the Download links for the không tính phí versions triggers a “Sign up khổng lồ our newsletter và Download” pop-up window featuring a huge “Sign up & Download” button and a very small “Skip khổng lồ download” liên kết. I am not a tín đồ of this type of marketing. I don’t mind that they ask if I maybe want to sign up lớn their mailing danh sách, but I take issue with the fact that the dialogue window has been designed to lớn make the “No thanks” option easy lớn miss. Such sale techniques assume that users need to lớn be tricked into signing up khổng lồ receiving kinh doanh materials, which reflects poorly on the project as a whole.”

Not enough? Read on!

“Speaking of dubious marketing practices, Zorin’s home page page claims that installing the operating system will make your computer “vi khuẩn resistant”. The word “resistant” is open lớn interpretation, but I reckon it is fair khổng lồ say that most people use “resistant” and “immune” interchangeably. Zorin’s clayên is obviously false, và I really wish Zorin would reign in its sale department. So much for my rant about sale – let’s get back to the review… ”

Still not enough? Read on, and on, & on, & you’ll see a dozen and more big minusses.

Odysseas Kourafalos
Jan 25, 2020 at 3:00 pm

You are right about their marketing, but… Well… The article is about the OS itself, how it performs and if the available software is able to cover most users’ needs.

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While using Zorin, it performed as I expected a typical Linux distribution to vị, worse in some regards, better in others. And didn’t raise any red flags during day to day use.

Did I miss anything important security-wise, has Zorin (as in “the OS itself”) been involved in any “fuss” lượt thích what happened relatively recently with Deepin?


This weeks issue of DistroWatch Weekly has a Reviews of Zorin 15.1 Light by Robert Rijkhoff. He was not too impressed. In his opinion there are better distros that one can use.

“its Software Center allows you lớn expand it with everything but the kitchen sink.”I hope that Zorin developers have sầu updated the Software Center functionality to more closely resemble that of Synaptic. I find that the various Software Center in Ubuntu-based distros are mostly eye-candy with just a dash of functionality. I prefer Synaptic which allows me to update the existing packages, delete packages I bởi vì not want and install new packages all in one execution of the program. I vị not much care for pretty icons & package ratings by other users. If I want a package, I’ll install it even if nobody likes it.

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Claus Dittrich

HIGreat article – and I believe sầu Zorin heard the community and changed the spying policy (u can opt out of it, in installation).I have tried Zorin core & found it to be very good – but wondering if the Zorin Lite would be equally as good (with as many features) but more lighter khổng lồ run ???? Cant seem lớn find this answer any place, vì chưng u know ?

Some other thing: u need to fix your tốc độ issues on your site. Acc to lớn GT metrix load time is very bad. (almost 27 sec)See here: (links will expire in 3 months or so..) https://gtmetrix.com/reports/www.mammasfigata.com/MLnocuUXThere are several issues, too many requests, too big a site, và generally a lot of heavy time consuming scripts – see the GTmetrix thử nghiệm.

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