Image là gì

a mental picture or idea that forms in a reader"s or listener"s mind from the words that they read or hear:

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Someone’s image is the idea that other people have of that person, esp. an idea created by advertising và by newspaper and television stories:
the reputation that a person, organization, hàng hóa, etc. has, including the characteristics, appearance, etc. that they are known for:
create/project/build an image The hình ảnh change is part of an ongoing effort to lớn project a new image that will attract younger customers.
change/improve/protect sb"s image Developers discussed how the impoverished town could improve sầu its image and boost its redevelopment potential.
tarnish/hurt/destroy sb"s image Staff upheavals & clashes with European regulators have tarnished the image of the world"s top soft-drinks business.
good/positive/svào image When working in sales, it is important that you present a positive image.

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sb"s public/private/professional image These events give delegates the chance khổng lồ network and improve sầu their professional image.
In par t, the book is intended lớn counter negative images of the region by providing rich analysis of local ar t forms.
We tend to project these images and functions onto lớn writing at large, and thus take far too much for granted.
The segmentation of medical images by cấp độ phối methods has been investigated by several authors <50, 75, 94, 111, 139>.
When people said that they did drink but " not a lot ", this was contextualized either in drinking occasions or in cultural images of alcohol use.
Observed in the stereoscope the two images merge và blossom revealing the full three-dimensional impact of the scene.
The notion of blossoming is analogous to lớn the process of "fusing" the two flat images of a stereoscopic pair inlớn a virtual three-dimensional volume.
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Các từ bỏ hay được thực hiện với image.

An additional image with the calibration rig resting on the task surface was also utilized in order khổng lồ determine the extrinsec parameters of the task surface.

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A new world leader is installed who speaks khổng lồ the world through a computer-generated image broadcast on television.





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