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< + obj + adj > Far from improving things, the new law has left many people worse off (= they are now in a worse situation) than before.

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If you leave sầu something in a particular condition, you vị not touch it, move it, or act to change it in any way, so that it stays in the same condition:
If you leave something or someone doing something, he, she, or it is still doing it when you go away:
Could we leave that subject (= stop discussing that subject) for the moment and go on lớn the next nhà cửa on the agenda?
To leave a wife, husb&, or other close family thành viên is khổng lồ die while these family members are still alive:
khổng lồ allow someone khổng lồ make a choice or decision about something, or to lớn make someone responsible for something:
to lớn allow someone to lớn make a choice or decision about something, or lớn make someone responsible for something:
time permitted away from work, esp. for a medical condition or illness or for some other special purpose:
a period of time that someone is allowed away from work for holiday, illness, or another special reason:
be/go on leave from sth Benefits will need khổng lồ be adjusted when an employee is on leave sầu from their job.

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to be told lớn take time away from work, usually because you have sầu been accused of doing something wrong:
The director of financial aid was recently placed on leave sầu for accepting consulting fees from a loan company.
Some made a forced return from leave, expressing a sense of urgency uncharacteristic of ordinary project life.
Soldiers on leave & veterans returning home undoubtedly passed on their knowledge and experiences to the rest of the population.
From left to lớn right, the left tibia, the right femur, the left humerus, the left ulna & the left radius.





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