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Strength meets style with a sleek designvà Glass fiber–its higher resistance toimpact keeps its glass-like aesthetics ingreat condition.
AUTO SHOTThe Aukhổng lồ Shot feature usesface detection toautomatically take a selfieafter a few seconds. Youdon"t even have sầu khổng lồ press theshutter button.SELFIE FLASHThe Selfie Flash feature lightsup the screen, allowing you totake brighter, clearer selfieseven in dlặng conditions.

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ALWAYS ONWhether you are catching a movie or caughtin a meeting, the Second Screen lets youinconspicuously check & access all featureson five sầu different toolbars without the brightdistraction of the main screen.
Dimension : L*W*D(mm)142.6mm x 71.8milimet x 7.1mmChipsetQualcomilimet SnapLong 410 (Quad 1.2GHz)SoftwareAndroidTM 6.0.1 Marshmallow
ColorBlack/ White/ Pink–GoldDisplay4.93” HD (Main)1280*720Display - Second Screen1.76” (Second Screen) 520*80Battery2,300mAh /Embedded
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