Medal of honor 2010 đánh giá

Medal of Honor is a game that I value, having so many fond memories of it as a child. I was slightly apprehensive sầu towards the new game upon its announcement because, frankly, I considered the series lớn be dead & buried, never lớn return after the success of other such first person shooters.

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Medal of Honor is a game that I value, having so many fond memories of it as a child. I was slightly apprehensive towards the new game upon its announcement because, frankly, I considered the series lớn be dead & buried, never khổng lồ return after the success of other such first person shooters. But with the power of voodoo magic it seems the series has been resurrected.


The latest game in the series has had khổng lồ endure a three year wait in the bunkers before its release & new developer Danger Close have certainly done a fine job with the time they were given. Medal Of Honor delivers a fresh look on an otherwise stagnated genre & makes itself stand out, delivering a compelling story, inspired by and developed with actual Tier 1 Operators.

The chiến dịch is told from the perspective sầu of four different characters; Deuce, Rabbit, Hawk & Adams. Each role has an important part lớn play in the unraveling of this war story. Each loveable soldier brings a quality skill mix to lớn the front lines with a contrasting combination of stealth và overwhelming brute force.


Medal of Honor doesn"t have sầu to lớn rely on epic set pieces. It"s focus on authenticity makes it stvà out from the crowd

Sadly the game’s visuals are less impressive sầu. They’re not exactly terrible, however they are just a little sub par. Despite this, the environments remain realistic, seeing you raise hell in the Helmand Valley lớn the thành phố ruins of Kabul. The variation in the environments captures interest, from snowy mountains lớn vast desert fields, small villages lớn labyrinthine city streets. However it can be hard to lớn distinguish a Taliban from a Caravan at some points.

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Speaking of the enemies, they’re not the brighdemo AIs in the terrorist bunch. It wasn’t hard for me khổng lồ flank behind them & surgically remove the upper spinal column with a few well placed bullets; most of the time the bad guys will hardly even notice that you’re there.

Your teammates on the other hand are a well oiled military unit who can handle themselves in any given situation. The character models are genuinely very cool lớn look at and each one of you war buddies portrays a quality persomãng cầu. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for the Taliban, who enthusiastically re-spawn wearing the same outfits over và over again, only to be ventilated again và again with the same rib tickling death animations.

As for the combat gameplay, it feels very tactile and there is no loss of satisfaction when killing your relentless opponents repeatedly, especially with the pleasurable touch of achievements. There is a robust sense that everyone is doing their bit khổng lồ fight the good fight, whether you’re playing as the surgical Tier 1 elites, or the overwhelming force of the U.S Army rangers. You feel part of a team & it contributes nicely towards the games replayability.


The sense of immersion is impressive sầu. You really feel part of a team that"s all fighting for the same cause, which is incredibly uplifting

I know you’re dying to hear about the weapons and I have got lớn say they are a little disappointing. Somehow there just isn’t enough gun porn! Each new chapter of the story presents you with a new toy to lớn play with, weather that be a Barret, UMPhường.45 or even some high powered ordinance. The problem is that the game isn’t difficult without them. In fact I’m sure I could have done the entire campaign using nothing but my 9milimet sidearm. All the weapons seem to have minimal recoil, which I found odd. Having said that, the laông xã of variety in weapons ultimately boils down to lớn the game’s authenticity.

If you are as trigger happy as I am, you will doubtlessly run out of ammo frequently. Thankfully your buddies will always be on hand to graciously dish out another magazine, and the ground is littered with AK-47s. This leads me on nicely to the difficulty curve; in actuality its more of a difficulty slope. The game is easy lớn piông chồng up và play, but good thiết kế choices mean that frequent deaths don’t dissociate you from the story arc. The lack of loading screens helps tremendously, these have been replaced by cutscenes which are all skippable (should you so wish) meaning you can get baông xã in lớn action quickly.

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You may remember during Gamescom 2010, a chạy thử was shown for the helicopter stage of the new game. During the helicopter stage you basically have to lớn shoot anything that moves will Hellfire missiles, it wasn’t particularly mind blowing but it looked fun. This feeling can be applied to the whole Medal Of Honour experience. In a later mission there’s the opportunity to take control of a Quad Bike (which doesn’t score any points for manoeuvrability) but that’s about the extent of the rail shooter vehicle riding portions of the game. The sole purpose of these short joyrides is khổng lồ provide a novel little segway into lớn your next mission objective sầu, while admiring the middle Eastern scenery.

The new Medal of Honor doesn’t quite provide an epic tale to be told throughout the ages, và depending on how you play MOH’s chiến dịch, the completion time is around 5-6 hours. It can get emotional towards the end, especially after you have sầu developed a sense of brotherhood with your team. If you really are pressed for time, you can pretty much tốc độ run the entire game on hard mode with relative ease, but why would you want to lớn vày that when there is so much atmosphere to admire and absorb?

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