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Oppo has been in the Indian market for over a year now, and has released a range of phones across budgets. Oppo has tried its h& at coming out with phones which have sầu one special feature which makes them stvà out - be it the rotating camera on the Oppo N1 or the Quad HD display on the Oppo Find 7. Last October, Oppo announced two new phones at an sự kiện in Singapore - the Oppo N3 and the Oppo R5. While the former is yet lớn come to Indian shores, the Oppo R5 has started selling here. The claim to fame for the R5 had been the ‘Slimmest phone’ tag, which has since been captured by Vivo X5 Max. So does the Oppo R5 delivers the goods while being a thin phone? We shall find out soon.

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Build và Design: 8.5/10


Oppo impresses here. Thanks to lớn the slyên form size, the steel frame with chamfered edges, the aluminum baông xã, the R5 feels quite good in the hvà. It looks like quite a premium device. At 4.85milimet, this is the slimmest phone we have sầu tested so far, after the Gionee Elife S5.5 which was 5.5mm thiông xã. The slyên ổn size factor has a price lớn pay - the phone lacks a 3.5milimet audio jaông xã & the rear camera protrudes out slightly from the rear side. Due khổng lồ this whenever you place the Oppo R5 on a flat surface, it will rest on the camera on the top.


The rear side of the phone has a gray-coloured matte finish on the metallic body toàn thân. That helps in giving a good grip. Oppo has also bundled a translucent phone cover which looks good on the phone as well. The steel edges of the phone are flat and volume rocker & power buttons are located on the right hvà side, whereas a microSIM thẻ slot is present on the left edge at the bottom. You will notice antenna cut-outs around the top và bottom edge, a feature that has been seen in many phones in the past now. The camera is located on the right hvà side, on the rear along side which you have sầu the LED flash unit. Oppo branding is emblazoned towards the lower side.

The front portion of the R5 comprises the 5.2-inch display with thin bezels on the side, but the top and bottom bezels are quite thichồng. On the top you have sầu the earpiece speaker, which is also works as a regular speaker. There aren’t any other speaker grilles found anywhere on the phone.

Features: 8/10


Being sllặng is one of the calling cards of the Oppo R5, but it also offers some goodies on the inside. For starters, it has a Qualcomilimet SnapLong 615 system on chip, which has the 1.5GHz octa-core processor along with Adreno 405 GPU. This SoC has been seen in a lot of the phones recently. We have reviewed the Yu Yureka which also has the same SoC. It comes with 2GB of RAM, which has become a standard these days for mid-range phones.

The Oppo R5 runs on Android 4.4.4 KitKat OS, but it comes with the ColorOS skin on top of it. ColorOS has been seen on all Oppo devices and it does cốt truyện some similarities with the Amigo UI (Gionee) & MIUI (Xiaomi) in the sense that it has no tiện ích drawer & has its own proprietary phầm mềm for themes where users can submit their own designs. We will talk more about the software touches in the Software section.

On the camera front, you get a 13MPhường. rear camera và a 5MPhường front-facing camera. You just get 16GB storage capathành phố with the R5, & there is no provision lớn expand the storage. Out of the 16GB, you will get access khổng lồ only 11.04GB of this. The rest is used up by the system storage và the ColorOS skin. The R5 comes with a microUSB lớn 3.5mm audio jaông chồng adapter, as it does not have a dedicated 3.5mm audio jaông chồng. While the in-ear earphones look good, you will have sầu khổng lồ be careful about the adapter, as if you thua kém it, the only way you can listen khổng lồ the audio is if you have a bluetooth headmix.

Software: 7.5/10


Oppo R5 comes with Android 4.4.4 with its proprietary ColorOS skin on top. This OS does not have sầu an app drawer and comes with its own set of proprietary apps such as Theme Store, NearMe Cloud, Security Center and so on. The File Explorer phầm mềm is neatly divided into lớn categories such as Music, Videos, Pictures, Documents, APK and ZIPhường. You can even select the Storage tab on top, khổng lồ get the file directory tree structure. It has a folder called Tools which houses apps such as Sound Recorder, Flashlight, Compass, Download Manager, Kingsoft Office, System Update and the instant messaging app WeChat. Opening up a folder makes the apps within it appear on a translucent background which blurs the screen behind it.


The Settings tiện ích has a dark backdrop with coloured section for various settings. On the top you have three tabs: General, Sound và Display; with each tab highlighting the settings pertinent khổng lồ these sections. It also supports gestures to quickly open apps, to lớn prevent misoperations, khổng lồ interact with incoming calls, air gestures & so on. Pulling down the notification drawer shows around 15 quiông chồng settings on the top followed by the Notifications section below.

Performance: 7/10

We ran the standard mix of synthetic benchmarks and got scores that we have come to expect from the Snaprồng 615 SoC. The Geekbench 3 score comes to lớn around 2596 which is slightly higher than Yu Yureka’s 2416; with AnTuTu the Yureka went ahead with 32,428 và finally with Quadrant the R5 gives 17,290 on the R5.


The ColorOS 2.0 skin does tover to lớn behave sầu sluggish at times. Although it is not drastically slow, you bởi vì notice a slight time delay when opening multiple apps which can be annoying for some. For instance, the camera tiện ích does not open as quickly as we would have sầu liked it. Tapping on the notifications to open them from the notification drawer would at times require more than two taps. We hope Oppo fixes these glitches with future software updates. During the time I was reviewing it there weren’t any new updates which improved the above flaws.

hotline quality is generally good and the earpiece speaker is loud enough lớn be audible even inside a moving train, with all the background noise. I did not experience any hotline drops, but when calling landline numbers, did experience an echo-effect. Despite being a slyên phone, the speaker of the R5 is loud enough và does not distort at maximum volume levels.

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Heavy apps such as high end games ran fine, but tover lớn heat up the phone a lot. Playing 10 mins of games such as ShadowGun or Riptide GP2 heats up the rear side of the phone. Movie playbaông xã is handled well in comparison.

Display: 8/10

The Oppo R5 comes with a 5.2-inch full HD display with a Super AMOLED panel. This makes the display quite good và colours appear khổng lồ pop out. Text appears sharp & there is no dithering of text anywhere. Legibility in sunlight is quite good & even with a 60pc brightness, you can read well. Reading long articles and ebooks on the R5 is a pleasure. Thanks khổng lồ the AMOLED display, watching movies is a pleasure on the R5 thanks to lớn great blaông chồng levels và a good overall contrast. All in all, Oppo R5 ticks all the right spots with the display.

Camera: 7/10

Oppo R5 sports a 13MP.. rear camera with the Sony Exmor IMX214 backside illuminated sensor with an f/2.0 aperture with an LED flash unit located beside the camera. On the front you get a 5MPhường camera for selfies and video calling. Although not a selfie-enthusiast, I quite liked the unique of the selfies produced by the Oppo R5 & with its multiple filters và beautification modes, I am sure it will be a hit with those who love taking selfies.

Coming khổng lồ the rear camera, you get a clean interface & the settings thực đơn gives you access khổng lồ elementary tweaks. Swiping up or left from the camera buttons opens up more features or rather app-lets which add some enhancement lớn the camera. So you get modes such as Expert mode which lets you tweak settings such as ISO, time and so on; then there’s an UltraHD mode which shoots multiple images khổng lồ combine them inlớn one high resolution image; Colourful night for night photographs và HDR mode and so on. You can also tải về more apps. The Settings menu is locked to lớn portait orientation, so anytime you want lớn make some changes you will have khổng lồ go bachồng & forth between horizontal and vertical orientations - this is annoying specially when you have composed a shot and want khổng lồ make some minor changes.

In terms of performance, the image chất lượng on outdoor shots was good. But I noticed that when it came to lớn high contrast situations, the Oppo R5 tended lớn over expose the bright regions & at times it can take quite a while to get the right shot. Of course, you have sầu the HDR mode, but we would have sầu liked to lớn see better metering with the default camera. The AF is speedy và you can shoot a series of images quickly. Indoor shots are also good, but in low lit rooms expect to see a lot of noise. Oppo R5 has a slow shutter mode which is a good workaround in low light situations where the normal camera gives under-exposed shots. But in the slow shutter mode, your h& needs khổng lồ be rochồng steady. It is capable of shooting full HD & 4K đoạn Clip. You can also shoot slo-mo video thanks lớn the 120fps video mode.



Battery Life: 6/10

The Oppo R5 comes with a 2,000 mAh Li-polymer battery, which may not seem lượt thích much considering we are seeing 3,000 mAh batteries for 5-inch plus phones. But the charger that comes bundled with the R5 makes a world of a difference. Since it is a 5A VOOC charger, which can take the R5 from 0-100 percent charge in an hour and 15 minutes. It is seriously fast when it comes khổng lồ charging, and once addicted khổng lồ this speedy charging, you will never want to use the generic 1A chargers.

We ran our standard loop test involving 2 hours each of calling, Clip streaming, video clip playbachồng & audio playbaông chồng. At the kết thúc of the 8-hour demo, the Oppo R5 had around 18% battery remaining. In a real-life scenario on moderate use case the Oppo R5 will easily last you for a full day. It does come with power saving modes which can extend the battery life. When compared with other 5-inch plus devices we have tested in the recent past, the battery life is not up lớn the mark. But thanks lớn the speedy charging of the phone using the VOOC charger, you are saved. In the beginning, I noticed that the phone was discharging soon after a rapid charging session, but over using it for a couple of weeks, the charge is held for a longer time. Bottom line is the battery life is strictly OK, but the fast charger saves the day.

Verdict & price in India

The Oppo R5 wins in the looks department. The 4.85mm thin size factor makes this one stvà apart from the crowd & the silver baông xã looks elegant. In terms of performance, the Oppo R5 does have sầu some issues, but on a daily use-case is quite well-equipped to lớn handle most tasks you throw at it. The display is wonderful và the quick charger is a boon for many.

Now comes the bad aspects, starting off with the price. The Oppo R5 comes at Rs 29,990 và if you have been following the Indian điện thoại thông minh market over the last six months, that price is way off the mark. Sure, this is a thin phone but for this one feature you cannot charge as huge a premium. The internal specifications are seen in phones such as Yu Yureka, which comes at Rs 8,999. Sure in terms of build unique and camera performance, the Oppo R5 outperforms the Yu Yureka.

At Rs 21,999 you have sầu the OnePlus One which offers superior internals - Snapdragon 801 SoC, 3GB RAM and 64GB storage, and even Xiaomi is expected to lớn come out with the 64GB variant of the Mi 4 at Rs 23,999. The Oppo R5 pales in comparison with its SnapLong 615 SoC, 2GB RAM và 16GB storage. Add in flaws such as average low-light camera performance, below par battery life (the fast-charging notwithstanding), it is quite difficult to recommkết thúc the Oppo R5 at a 30k price point. Another competitor is the Samsung Galaxy S4, which although a generation old is still an able performer. It has recently got a price drop to Rs 17,999 & it comes with Android 5.0 Lollipop. So it is evident that Oppo R5 is way overpriced in this extremely competitive sầu price segment. Wait for the price to drop if you absolutely have sầu to lớn get a thin phone.

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