relating to the job or activity of correcting the position of teeth and dealing with & preventing problems of the teeth:

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Dental prostheses, orthodontic treatment, and other dental care are reimbursed according khổng lồ a predetermined schedule.
The appliance requires cthua trận orthodontic supervision & the parents must maintain good oral hygiene.
The arch is held rigidly with orthodontic fixation in the palate and on the buccal surfaces of the teeth, allowing the defect to be opened surgically.
Information on waiting times for orthodontic treatment carried out in primary care, which accounts for the majority of orthodontic services, is not held centrally.
Much orthodontic treatment is provided by general dental practitioners who are independent contractors.
The authority claims that there will be alternative sầu arrangements for dental services, special needs, the orthodontic clinic service và for speech therapy.
The lademo available information on the mean waiting time for a first orthodontic outpatient appointment, by area of residence, is given in the table.
It is expected that there may be a reduction of about đôi mươi,000 in the number of children who will have sầu orthodontic appliances.
Any dentist who has the necessary facilities, experience or expertise may provide orthodontic treatment.
The alặng of the reforms is khổng lồ ensure that those who need treatment are able to lớn get quality orthodontic care without undue delay.

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Patients waiting for orthodontic operations will normally be listed under general surgery or plastic surgery.
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