a person whose job is to help people, especially famous people, decide on a style of clothes, hair, etc.:

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The stylists also had a selection of accessories to choose from, and had to incorporate at least one accessory into their hairstyle.
The company summarized its outlet operation method with avoided waste of tasks except cut, so that stylists can be only managing to cut hair.
Her approach is transformative, creating a special look for each individual, unlike other stylists who specialize in a certain look.
The resulting vehicle became a working model used by engineers and stylists to eventually create the 300 sedan, introduced in 2005.
The recipients are determined by a selection committee of top magazine editors, journalists, stylists and retailers from around the world.
The magazine has been described as a beautifully-produced literary journal that features the strongest offbeat writing from a select group of literary stylists.
Shoppers depend upon the assistance of sales associates, known as stylists, to select the best colors and cuts for their individual needs.
Wardrobe stylists are sometimes represented by agencies that specialize in representing wardrobe stylists, hair stylists and makeup artists.
He replaced his glasses with contact lenses and agreed to let the show"s stylists change his hair style.

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to invent or make something, such as a speech or a device, at the time when it is needed without already having planned it

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