Teclast x80 power đánh giá

Standing out in the tablet business is pretty tough if you don’t have a chất lượng value proposition right out of the gate. Many of the most obvious niches are already covered. For instance, the Microsoft Surface has the high-end business demographic locked up tight. One angle that hasn’t been exploited is the dual-OS miniature tablet.

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The new Teclast X80 Power Tablet PC aims to dominate that potentially profitable market.

Layout và Aesthetics

At first glance, the Teclast X80 Power nguồn is a standard white mini tablet with a plastic bezel & metal backing. It weighs in at 349 grams and measures just 8.1milimet thichồng. The outer skin includes stereo speakers as well as a TF card slot, Micro USB & Micro HDXiaoMI for external connectivity.

Both the front & rear cameras are unremarkable yet functional 2.0MP. units.

Teclast X80 Power Unboxing và First Look

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Horsepower, Storage và Display

Like many topnotch budget tablets these days, the Teclast X80 has an Hãng Intel Cherry Trail Z8300 CPU that can hit 1.84GHz in Turbo Mode. While the X80 only has 2GB of RAM & 32GB of eMMC ROM, storage can be boosted by 128GB via the on-board TF expansion slot.

Remarkably, the 8.0-inch IPS display has a Retina-like 1920x1200 resolution with a 178° viewing angle.

OS, UI và Unique Software

The best thing about the X80 is the fact that it has Android 5.1 Lollipop & Windows 10 available at startup. Both operating systems are pretty much stoông chồng và aren’t diluted with the kind of “crapware” that most tablet makers like to lớn tack on.

Better still, users don’t have to vày anything special to switch between one OS và the other on boot.

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Networking và Peripherals

As far as wireless options go, the X80 gets standard Wi-Fi, WiDi, Bluetooth 4.0 & OTG but no Mobile broadbvà from carriers lượt thích AT&T. The X80 even gets an official keyboard doông chồng with a stvà featuring Micro USB for enhanced connectivity options.

While the X80 doesn’t have sầu much in the way of custom extensibility options, it works well with universal peripherals via its primary ports.

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Performance in the Field

The great thing about a quad-core Hãng Intel CPU is the fact that it can rip through most tasks without much trouble. In the Geekbench3, 3DMark and PCMark 7 tests, the X80 can hang with every other tablet in its wheelhouse.

Even a game like Gọi of Duty Modern Warfare 3 is playable on low settings. The on-board 3800mAh battery is good for 5 hours of life.

Teclast X80 Pros & Cons

Considering the fact that the X80 has an asking price of around $120, this tablet is a minor miracle. For starters, it boasts solid build quality and a great screen for an 8-inch slate. Furthermore, it has two of the lathử nghiệm và greatest operating systems on tap & plenty of ports.

In all honesty, there aren’t any downsides khổng lồ the Teclast X80 that a reasonable person could find.

The Igiảm giá Teclast X80 Buyer

As an 8-inch tablet, the X80 isn’t the right fit for those who want an máy tính bảng iPad or Surface replacement. It’s a better choice for those that want an Máy tính bảng iPad Mini replacement that can run Android or Windows depending on the circumstances.

If you need a dual-OS mini-tablet that can act as an ad-hoc laptop in a pinch, the X80 is hard khổng lồ pass up.